5 the most common dilemmas related to the wedding

1.When to buy a wedding suit? 

The most common mistake made by the groom is the decision to buy a wedding suit at the last minute. Adjusting the suite and accessories is often a challenge and takes a lot of time. A suit should be bought at least 3 months before the wedding, thanks to that there will be some time for any corrections and the opportunity to focus on other matters related to the upcoming ceremony.  

2. Which suit should you choose? 

A suit, frock coat or a tuxedo? 

The choice depends on the theme of the wedding and the groom’s imagination. The ideal proposal is to fit a classic suit and focus on extraordinary accessories. 

We can also choose a wedding suit with a double-breasted jacket, which in the right combination will add class and style to a well-dressed gentleman. 

It is worth to visit a professional salon and follow the advice of experts who will be able to choose the perfect suit that will meet the expectations of the groom during the appointment. 

3. What material to choose for a wedding suit? 

Choosing the right material is a key element in the appearance and functionality of a suit. It is the best to choose a suit that is fully made of wool or is mostly made of wool and has an admixture of materials that will add shine and elegance.  

The suit will fulfil its role during the wedding ceremony and reception. It must be creases resistant and do not restrict movement while dancing and be adapted to the weather conditions. 

4. Is a colorful suit the right choice for a wedding? 

A colorful suit is an option created for men who find themselves to emphasize their character and be distinct from the crowd. However, during such an important ceremony as the wedding, you should choose the black color, which is reserved for the momentous events. If the black color does not appeal to you and you find it too serious, or you do not feel comfortable in it, we suggest a navy-blue suit. 

5. How to choose the cut of a suit to the groom’s body silhouette? 

Many grooms are concerned about the choice of a suit. They are afraid of their figure, and they believe that it is not perfect, and it will not look good at the ceremony and wedding. Great advantage of a tailor-made suit is the possibility of arranging all details with experts, thanks to which all shortcomings will be hidden, and the strengths of the figure will be emphasize. 

We asked Bogna Bojanowska, a wedding planner with 13 years of experience in organizing weddings in Poland and abroad for the most demanding clients, to share with us her knowledge and experience in implementing the most daring wedding ideas of young couples.  

Q: Outdoor or traditional wedding? What it depends on? 

A: It all depends on the young couple and their wedding assumptions. I encourage not to follow fashion, but to set your own priority. Today’s weddings look completely different from those organized 10 years ago. Young couples approach more boldly, and they are not afraid to not follow all the polish traditional elements of the wedding.  

The pandemic time and wide restrictions also allowed the newlyweds to free themselves from the compulsions and think what is appropriate and what is not. I always tell my clients to follow their preferences and dreams, because that day will not happen again. However, we should consider all possibilities, wedding assumptions and budget, and then make the right decision. 

Q: Choosing weeding rings- what to pay attention to? 

A: My experience shows that the wedding rings are usually more important to the bride and more often she has her own vision and dreams about a particular model. I always tell the wedding couple I work with to keep in mind that the wedding ring is a jewelry that will stay with them throughout their lives, and it is worth to choose one that they will not get bored of and will always arouse sentiment.  

I also encourage to make bold decisions. The husband’s and wife’s wedding rings do not have to be the same. In the female one, gemstones or ornaments are often added. It is also worth choosing a wedding ring for the engagement ring so that they form a coherent whole together. More jewelry stores offer this kind of combinations. It is also a clever idea to go to several salons to find your dream jewelry. You can also design the wedding ring by yourself, which will also have a symbolic dimension for you.  

Q: How to choose the wedding venue to harmonize with the vision of your dream ceremony? 

A: It is the hall that is to give the wedding ceremony its own character. This is the first component of the wedding choice. Before the fiancés will start to search, it is worth creating a list of guests to know what size of the wedding hall we are looking for. Then write down your expectations regarding the style and the character of the party. What kind of atmosphere do we want to introduce? How are the guests supposed to feel and what they supposed to see? Thanks to that information, it will be easier to determine whether we are looking for a hall located in city, among nature or another non-standard place. 

You also need to define your priorities. For some people, the location of the wedding hall and the distance from the place where the ceremony was is a key factor, for others it is exquisite food or even the garden where you can arrange a chillout zone. We should also decide whether we want to provide the accommodation for our guests or not. This is an important criterion of choice when it comes to choose the wedding venue. Only with a complete list which contains information about our needs and dreams, we can start looking for the perfect hall. It is always worth to reach for the given notes during the search and check whether we are going in the right direction with the organization. 

Answer author: Bogna Bojanowska wedding planner – international weddings in Poland www.bognabojanowska.pl