Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the different categories of shirts?

Shirt fabrics are divided into categories: business, select and exclusive. The higher the category of fabrics, the greater the choice of suitable material.

What is the waiting time for the realization of a tailor-made suit?

Approximate time to sew a tailor-made suit is about 5 working weeks. This time may shift slightly, hence we direct invitations to our Ateliers well in advance. Express delivery takes approximately 3 business weeks.

What range of products is offered by the Tailors Club brand?

Our aesthetic options are extensive. We offer tailor-made, fully personalized closet, from a pillowcase or tie starting with shirts and suits to shoes, bags and coats.

How many fittings are necessary to enjoy the finished product?

When the product is completed, we arrange a meeting with the customer for the 1st fitting. The Made to Measure system requires a perfect fit, hence the final product is ready for pickup after the 2nd fitting.

How long does it take to fit the product after the 1st fitting?

Perfect final product fit takes no more than two weeks

Can a voucher or gift card be purchased stationary at our Atelier?

Oczywiście! W Atelier w Warszawie oraz Gdańsku można otrzymać zarówno voucher, jak i kartę podarunkową od ręki. In addition, both products can be purchased online, on our website

What is the process of tailor-made sewing?

The first meeting is the time to get acquainted with the customer’s needs, choose the appropriate fabrics and design, and professionally pull the measurements. Once the product is realized, we meet for the 1st fitting, followed by the final acceptance of the order or the 2nd fitting.

Are Tailors Club stylists available outside the stationary Atelier?

Yes! Tailors Club does not close only to the area of Warsaw and Gdansk, but goes beyond its salons. We regularly visit Poznan, Wroclaw and Katowice, we are also guest in other parts of the country.