Tailoring suits, shirts and blouses

Our meeting will have two stages

The first is a conversation during which we will want to know what will be the wardrobe’s destiny, which you will want to sew – how often you will wear it and under what circumstances. If our meeting will be the beginning of your adventure with tailor-made sewing, we will try to offer you optimal solutions, fabric and finishing. Feel free to ask questions, during the first meeting we get to know your needs and learn your style. The sewing system we work on in the later stages of production has limited modifications so it is important that you tell us about your expectations and doubts right from the very beginning. At this stage, we will also determine the final price of your choice. The second stage is downloading body measures and product configuration. During this stage, tell us the most about what effect you expect and we will translate it into fabric. The next step is to develop templates for you, fabric preparation and sewing. After about four weeks we will invite you to the fitting, during which we will check whether the product meets your expectations or will require further adjustment. Our tailor-made system provides only one fitting, so it is important that you tell us all your doubts at the first meeting and we will try to explain them


Shirt made to measure

A perfectly tailored shirt is an inseparable element of every gentleman. We are well aware of this by offering you a tailor-made shirt. Why do we think this is the best way out? Because thanks to this, you can fully decide on the appearance of your shirt – starting from the type of fabric used, the type of collar and cuffs, to the material of the buttons (undoubtedly the mother of pearl reigns!). We believe that one of the attributes of masculinity is its own style, which emphasizes the character and characteristics of a man. This is best expressed by the outfit he has composed. We will help you to fully personalize your wardrobe, creating your own and unique style.


Tailored suit

Each suit from Tailors Club tailor made collection provides unique emotions. From the very beginning, our clients emphasize the individual character of their suits, and we try to provide more and more new additions and fabrics, thanks to which we create truly unique creations tailored to their individual desires and preferences. When sewing a custom-made suit as a starting point, we have four collections: HALF CANVAS, FUSED and FULL CANVAS, which is the closest to the DNA of the Tailors Club brand. The most demanding customers can still choose the “HAND MADE IN ITALY” option