On October 27 and 28, another edition of the most prestigious economic and technological event in Poland – IMPACT took place in Poznań. Last year’s edition brought together people from all over the world, including senior executives of the world’s largest corporations, renowned scientists, politicians, and world-class experts and presenters. During 2 days, meetings were held with representatives of business, the world, science, new technologies, and politics. Participants had the opportunity to listen to more than 400 speeches. The 2021 event was organized in hybrid form and streamed online.

The 2021 event featured Hilary Rodham Clinton among the keynote speakers. She is a former Secretary of the United States, a former Democratic Party candidate for the office of President of the United States, and most importantly, one of the most influential women in the world. Hilary addressed global climate change, public health, and environmentalism topics. Other speakers on stage included Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki or Professor of Medical Sciences and inventor of one of the key vaccines that cause cervical cancer – Leszek Borysiewicz. During Impact’ 21, speakers addressed topics such as digital transformation, green energy, or pandemic-driven change.




First of all, the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions with people from all over the world. The opportunity to participate in talks and workshops that focus on the analysis of future and ongoing changes in the world. And also a look at the latest events, reports, research, and analysis conducted by Polish and global companies.

Every year the event enjoys great popularity and gathers a wide audience. This year’s edition will be the essence of the best! This year we will be able to hear such speakers as Prof. Yuval Noah Harri – historian, philosopher, and author of bestsellers “Sapiens: from animals to gods” or “Homo Deus”. We will also see Erin Meyer – author of the book “The Culture Map”, we will listen to the CEO of AstraZeneca Wiktor Janicki and we will have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with the founder and CEO of booksy brand Stefan Batory. Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and management expert, will also be a guest on this year’s stage. These are just some of the over 200 speakers we will be able to listen to!

Moreover, Impact is also a place where experts and startup representatives can present reports and ideas and discuss them. This is a unique opportunity to establish unique business relationships and meet new investors.

Already on May 11-12 at the Congress Center in Poznań, we will have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event again! The year 2021 surprised us with an above-average number of guests and speakers from abroad, in 2022 we are looking forward to more!


Source: Impact’22 (impactcee.com)