Spring/Summer 2020 trends

Probably every elegant man has a dilemma: which aesthetic trend to follow to stand out from the crowd this season? Looking through the prism of clothing brands that set the trends in the world of male elegance, I can distinguish a few elements vital for every man who loves classic style.

Light colours rank among one of the most characteristic trends of the upcoming season. Actually, most of the clothing pieces that can be found in the offer of most brands are available in light colours. Men’s suits and jackets in off white hues or delicate pastels look immensely attractive – in my opinion, they are simply beautiful.

Double-breasted jackets are a staple element of classic male elegance. However, there were times when they fell into oblivion for long years. Currently, they are in full swing and there is nothing that heralds a change in the nearest future. What’s interesting: in Poland, double-breasted jackets didn’t go really well with men, and most chain stores withdrew them or considerably limited their offer. I think that it’s great news for real connoisseurs of male elegance, as putting on a double-breasted jacket guarantees standing out from the crowd of single-breasted jacket wearers. The only thing to remember is that a double-breasted jacket should stay buttoned at all times, as the flaps hanging on the sides look very sloppily.

Striped suits are almost a symbolic outfit of financiers, businessmen, and lawyers, people who are the representatives of prestige professions, requiring particular qualifications and competences. Maybe that’s the reason why stripes have never made their way (unlike e. g. checker) to the mass audience. But – similarly to the double-breasted suits/jackets – it makes stripes even more attractive to fashion-savvy men who value individual style that stays at a distance from the mass fashion. In 2020 collections, stripes and checker are visible enough to talk about a trend, but they still aren’t available in abundance. That’s why the statement about the exclusiveness of stripes still holds its ground. Same old, same old.

Three-piece suits (and their variation – with a contrasting vest) are pretty timeless. However, in the recent years, they’ve become more common in comparison to 5-6 years ago. There are quite a few of them available in the current collections of many brands. The issue with three-piece men’s suits is that they aren’t the most practical choice for high temperatures. Vests are an additional warming layer. They are also pretty close-fitting, which obstructs air circulation. On the other hand, they introduce an additional positive accent to an elegant outfit. A three-piece men’s suit is more formal than a two-piece suit and, thus, more elegant.

Navy blue suits and jackets are always present in all collections. It’s the absolute classic option and a basic choice for a man who is planning the purchase of his first suit. A navy blue men’s suit is the most universal, as it can have multiple applications: from an evening suit to a formal suit for work to a casual men’s suit. A navy blue suit jacket worn with a pair of grey trousers will create a classic club set, whereas worn with a pair of sand-hued chinos – an equally classic casual set.