Distinguished Gentleman’s Night

Distinguished Gentleman’s Night is a periodic meetings for clients who have a high sense of aesthetics and want to spend their free time creatively, in good company.

The first edition of Distinguished Gentleman’s Night was held before the pandemic, at the unique Mercedes – Benz Witman dealership, which is the first and only AMG Brand Center dealership in Europe.

After a break caused by the pandemic, we are back with events for our customers and regular business partners. The next edition of this event was held this time at the Lexus showroom in Gdansk. Together with Citi Handlowy, Sassy Gdansk, Lexus Trójmiasto and Galeon Yachts, we jointly organized an evening for men.

As a Tailors Club brand, we want to connect people with different passions and fill the networking space together, not just business. In our case, it’s not just tailoring, but sharing experiences, information and cooperation. For this reason, the initiative of Gdansk Gentleman meetings was created. We started the DGN adventure by designing a unique logo, very much related to the image of the Trójmiasta. On the left is the Olivia Business Centre building, a prestigious and vibrant place in the very center of the Trójmiasta. An exclusive place because of its business character and unique community, which is reflected in DGN. We can also notice two crosses, referring to the coat of arms of Gdańsk. The lion in the middle symbolizes the lions of Gdańsk, but also the success-motivated people with whom we create the DGN community together. To the right appear two cranes. The Gdańsk Crane, located in the downtown area on the banks of the Motława River, is a historic part of the city that is a symbol of Gdańsk. The Port Crane, on the other hand, shows the history of commerce, symbolizing the beginning of freedom, solidarity from the Gdańsk shipyard, where business was liberated. By showing the most important buildings, we wanted to refer to different types of business, but also show the tradition and history of the city. Together, this creates an image of the Trójmiasta and also characterizes the people we invite and with whom we create a common community.


The next edition of the event is planned for September. This will be the 3rd edition of Distinguished Gentleman’s Night. We believe that the business atmosphere will favor us and we will be able to make new collaborations, creating a space not only for networking, but also for broadening horizons. We look forward to supporting businesses and charitable initiatives in the Trójmieście, working together in good faith. We hope that more guests will join us and we will be able to meet new interesting brands.



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