Bespoke shirt


An ideally cut shirt is an integral part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. We are well aware of that by offering you a bespoke shirt. Why do we think that it is the best solution? It gives you a perfect opportunity to make a mindful decision on the appearance of your shirt – from the used fabric, type of collar and cuffs, to the material of buttons (mother-of-pearl buttons are unquestionably in vogue!).


We think that one of the masculinity attributes is your own style which highlights a man’s character and personality. It is best reflected by an individually completed outfit. We will help you to fully personalise your garments, creating your own and unique style.


For your convenience, we have divided our fabrics into 3 categories: SMART, BUSINESS, and SELECT. Each category includes several dozen selected fabrics offering a variety of textures and densities.


The key element when sewing a shirt is the process of taking the measurements, owing to which we can determine the proportions of, among other things, chest, waist, and hips. During the meeting with the stylist, we define the body anatomy and the expectations towards the final product. The process itself consists of 3 stages: taking initial measurements, fitting, during which we define the final girths, and the final collection of the shirt.