What to pack for the WallStreet conference?

Packing can be a challenge, and for some people – also a problem. So what should we take with us when we want to participate in a business conference such as WallStreet?

Let’s start with what distinguishes the WallStreet conference?

This weekend we will have the opportunity to meet again at the twenty-sixth edition of the WallStreet conference. What distinguishes the WallStreet conference is the presence of experts from various fields of business and social life, who will moderate panel discussions and give lectures. We are convinced that the participants will be provided with essential knowledge, curiosity, and, new ideas and solutions. The traditional, stationary WallStreet conference will take place in the Nosalowy Dwór Hotel. A small part of lectures and discussion panels will be also broadcasted online during those days. The last conference conducted stationary is the conference that took place in 2019. This was a unique edition for Tailors Club as we presented an online configurator for designing bespoke shirts. The configurator allowed us to create the perfect one-of-a-kind shirt, fully personalized for the wearer. With a wide range of choices, visitors were able to fine-tune every detail so that the shirt was a satisfying choice.   













For many years we have had the opportunity to be a fashion partner of the conference and we can see that more and more participants start to pay attention not only to what they wear, but also whether the outfit fits the occasion.

Thinking about the next edition of the WallStreet conference, it is worth buying an elegant and professional outfit from Tailors Club. Here are a few tips what you should take with you.

First of all, when taking part in such an event, you should look competent and adequate for the rank of the event. Therefore, it is worth taking with you a grey and navy blue suit from the Loro Piana collection by Tailors Club.

By choosing a navy blue suit we are perceived as people with creative qualities and great imagination. Also people who want to leave a permanent trace of their presence reach for navy blue color. Therefore, timeless navy blue will be an ideal choice for business meetings. Next to such a set, there should also be a classic gray suit. It will successfully serve as a business suit, but will also be an ideal proposition for all occasions during the day.

Kolejnym ważnym aspektem będzie dobór odpowiedniej koszuli. W przypadku granatowego zestawu świetnie sprawdzi się biała, klasyczna koszula z kolekcji Albini od Tailors Club. Wykonana z najwyższej jakości bawełny, starannie dobrana pod względem kroju pozwoli na niezwykły komfort w użytkowaniu. Natomiast do szarego garnituru najlepszą propozycją będzie błękitna koszula. Koszula szyta na miarę od Tailors Club da gwarancję dobrego wyglądu i doda pewności siebie.  

In addition, it is advisable to take comfortable shoes with you. Tailor-made and fully customized models are available at Tailors Club. We sew our shoes using the blake method – one of the most common methods, in which the upper of the shoe is sewn directly onto the sole. For classic navy blue, it is best to choose simple black models. Oxfords or less formal derby will certainly complete the whole styling and make the final look extremely professional. To a suit in shades of grey, we can choose shoes with a lower level of formality. A very good choice will be brown monks – shoes which are experiencing a real revival, have their good time and will subtly emphasize the individualism of the wearer.  

A matching tie completes the outfit and we are ready for a business conference.

As a long-time event partner, we have observed the influence of image on negotiation skills. It is certainly not a decisive element, but it is of great importance. Professional image positively influences negotiation success and increases the effectiveness of actions. To quote Brian Tracy “Your image determines your outcome”. Therefore, we can say that suits, jackets and other formal clothes are something that gives us courage and affects our results. With the right closet we build our self-confidence from the way we look and feel. Therefore, it is worth remembering that our image is our personal business card. Traditionally the WallStreet conference is aimed at helping individual investors to identify the best opportunities to invest their capital. Tailors Club, on the other hand, aims to help companies achieve the best results through good image, together with elegance and good looks.


Source: Konferencja WallStreet 26 | Największe spotkanie inwestorów indywidualnych w Polsce